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“I Survived” Challenge

This program was presented by Jaclyn Kunz from Henry Waldinger Memorial Library (Valley Stream) as part of the program Book Themed Programs: From Baby Time to Harry Potter.  You can contact her by email,

This program included activities based on the “I survived” book series by Lauren Tarshis. During her presentation, Jaclyn stressed that you do not need to read all of the books to create the challenges.  Each challenge is based on the topic of the books in the series, not about particular content in each book.  All of the activities are geared for grades 3 to 6 and the program runs fora  little over an hour.  The group should be split into teams so that there is a bit of friendly competition.  You can download a PDF version of her power point presentation with all of the activities.

Some Tips:

Jaclyn recommends having a helper so that the children can work on multiple activities at once.  In her library, she was able to send one group of children to do a Shark Scavenger hunt while the other group worked on the “Emergency Survival Kit” challenge.  This also works well for libraries without a large meeting space.

Jaclyn also provided fact cards for the children to read when not actively engaged in an activity.  She also had a “Tornado in a Bottle” demonstration with instructions on how to make one to take home.  Little Bits also have an earthquake “Quake-o-meter” that you can create using the vibration bit.


Webinar: Make, Do, Share

WebJunctionOCLC’s WebJunction is offering a webinar on how libraries can become STEM central for their communities. “Make, Do, Share: Build a STEM Learning Community” explains how the Kitsap Regional Library System developed a ready-to-use system that any library can implement to become STEM leaders.

Thursday, April 28; 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Click here for more information and to register.