CSLP Summer Reading Webinars

Upstart is running two CSLP summer reading webinars — one for Early Literacy & Children’s and one for Teens. They’ll be hosted by Patti Sinclair, the editor of the CSLP manuals. Find more information here. Registration required.

For Early Literacy and Children’s: “Get Ready to Fizz Boom Read!,” January 29, 2:00 p.m. EST
Create some great chemistry with young readers using the books, display ideas and activities in next year’s science lab theme, Fizz Boom Read. Patti will analyze the manual to help you experiment with programming ideas from kitchen sink science and a mad scientiest book club to tower-building challenges, and the science behind sound, music, color and more in this hour-long webinar.

For Teens: “Spark a Reaction,” February 26, 2:00 p.m. EST
Electrify teen readers with the books, display ideas and activities in next summer’s Spark a Reaction summer library program theme. Patti will zap through the manual to connect you with high-voltage programming ideas on sparking a change in your community, building a robot, learning the physics of break dancing, hosting a Star Wars afternoon or a science fiction book club and trivia game and more.


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