Star Wars Day at Locust Valley

On Saturday, Nov. 2nd, the Force was strong at the Locust Valley Library. We hosted our first (and definitely not last) Star Wars Day! The two-hour event allowed Star Wars fans of all ages to work their way through the Jedi ranks, from Initiate to Jedi Master. Ranking was earned by completing activities such as Star Wars trivia, creating an R2D2 craft cup, designing a lightsaber, completing a “Death Star” scavenger hunt, and more. There was no shortage of galactic things to do.

For those less crafty, there was our very own Mos Eisley Cantina which featured Yoda Soda, Leia Cakes, and Wookie Cookies. Teen volunteers helped our kids make their way from station the station. The highlight of the event was the fabulous arrival of the 501st Legion. Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper kept our crowd in awe while promoting literacy and supporting libraries! They even brought books for every child to bring home. Rounding out the day were some terrific raffles and Star Wars giveaways. Even the littlest Star Wars fans left with huge smiles on their faces and a new title of Jedi Masters!

–Nadine Buccilli, Youth Services Librarian
Locust Valley Library


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